• A day in the life of our digital agency can be quite busy - juggling to-dos, projects and the like, it can be a case of workplace overload. We love what we do though, and the people that we help on the daily - so we thought we'd... Read More
  • The death of Grooveshark has migrated a large audience to a musical platform that is establishing yet another home for those with an everlasting love for beats. With a free three-month trial, Apple Music is doing its best to gain... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of Happy Goat Coffee
    The K-Cup sensation has done more than create a planet full of un-recyclable packaging, but also bitter, bad coffee to go with it. Coffee can either be really good, or really bad. For Happy Goat, they know how to make a good cup... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of Ola Cocina Mexican Food
    Over the last few years we’ve scouted dozens of Mexican restaurants around Ottawa to find that little piece of heaven we savoured during our trips down South - from Tulum, to the Mayan Riviera and our favourite - Isla Mujeres.... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of Burger King Ad Campaign
    Taco Bell has always done social media right, they know how to spark interest with their take on fast Mexican cuisine. Take for instance their successful attempt at combining community activism with beloved emojis to urge its... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of espresso machine
    For the last several years, I have been brewing a capuccino every morning. Sometimes I even get to tote my hot cup along while I'm walking the dog in the back woods! I've been using the same "Cafe Mocha" espresso machine for over... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of Kurt Vonnegut Book
    Author Kurt Vonnegut maps out basic story structures using hand drawn diagrams. via brain pickings
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of QR code Mona Lisa
    We've been using QR Codes to help our clients motivate and steer their audience for years - since the first usable apps appeared for our smartphones actually! That's not to say that QR Codes actually generate more traffic or even... Read More
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    A few cool design tools

    I don't know about you but I personally read a ton of tweets and blog posts everyday from designers/developers I respect in the industry. Every once in a while I'll come across some awesome tip or maybe a new time saving tool and... Read More
  • Answermen Blog Post - Photo of guitar
    Lately I've been listening to most of my music in the form of various internet radio stations, mostly in the kitchen, through Airplay! I do have a great collection of music - various MP3s that I've collected over the years,... Read More
  • The science of engineering your website to deliver the best possible experience to the widest possible audience, regardless of the technology they are using to view your content. Includes features such as fluid layouts and... Read More
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    We've come to appreciate how valuable "good" content can be... and how hard it is to come-by in our age of "make content king - at any expense". While I understand that it's no small feat to feed a voracious blog or website with... Read More