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Studio Location

Answermen Ltd.

6822 Bilberry Drive
Ottawa ON K1C 3R4



Phone & eFax

Local (613) 830-1447
Toll Free (800) 917-2924

Partner with Answermen?

We're very selective about our partners and employees, but if you have what it takes to join our league of Answermen, drop us a line and tell us why. Do you have answers for us? Send inquiries to work@answermen.com

Got mad design & development skills?

Answermen Ltd is looking for some great freelancers to help us continue building the web. If you're a freelance Designer or Web Developer, we want to explore working with you. 

Graphic Designers
We're looking for digital artists with a keen eye for layout, typography, imagery and some serious web chops in Photoshop. If you happen to be a Renaissance artist and can mix-in a little development with your design - then you're just like us! 

Web Developers
We need to offload more of our development and coding work to people who share our commitment. If you work with the open source side of the web, slice & manipulate CSS, XHTML and PHP like a pro - you'll love the projects we have for you. We work with Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Magento and more - do you?

Drop us a line today, let's discuss how you can become an integral part of our team. We work well with others - as long as you're on planet earth, well-connected to the cloud and enjoy your work - you'll love working with Answermen.