We love to share big technology with small organizations.

What do you think we do?

To be honest, we have a hard time explaining our work. Over a decade ago, we founded a web development agency in Ottawa called Answermen Ltd. We planned to win some great clients and complement them like partners.

We did that, and then some. But we still have a hard time with our elevator pitch. It’s hard to explain that you design and develop powerful website content management systems, that you produce inspiring books to help authors publish their dreams, and that you often create documents that help cities win bids for massive sporting events and that - well, you get the idea... Strategy & Design + Development & Support = Answermen.

Meet the Answermen Founders

Peter Lefebvre

Our founder Peter brings over 25 years of print and marketing communications experience to Answermen. Peter migrated from early design and production positions to sales management and directorial roles in the industry. With his bent for perfection and natural customer focus, Peter brings a strong, dynamic vibe to the studio and our clients.

Curtis Grife

Our co-founder Curtis leverages over 15 years of design and production experience for the Answermen team. Curtis boasts a well-rounded mastery of design, coding and production. His mastery of software and current coding standards makes him our key answer-guy for complex development projects.

Our Community

We believe in a strong and green community. Our studio is located only minutes away from our homes, in the Orleans suburb - so we walk, bike or car-pool to work in the opposite direction of traffic! We support great causes and non-profits that impact our community. We donate as much as we can to the Ottawa Hospital Foundation and do our part to keep our community clean!