We helped bring FIFA World Cup Soccer to Canada

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We've been meaning to tell the Soccer Canada Bid Book story for some time now. We finished the project last year and Canada was awarded the FIFA Women's World Cup for 2015 thanks in part to our teamwork. 

We worked closely with Soccer Canada and our favourite partner, Face Value Communications to rally under very tight deadlines and produce an uncompromising document for the FIFA officials.

Together, our work spanned the entire spectrum of communication arts - from consulting on approach and strategy to creative writing, design, layout and production outsourcing. 

We researched massive sport image banks, crafted venue maps and diagrams then brought everything together with our suppliers to print a perfect bound book and assemble everything in a custom-designed, leather-bound package, emblazoned with the Soccer Canada logo - an uncompromising package.

The result of our passion became the winning bid document and helped bring the women's FIFA World Cup of soccer to Canada for 2015. Our Soccer Nation rejoices and will reap the rewards of new sport venues and ready to "Welcome the World and it's Game".

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