Is Shaming the New Creative Tactic?

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Taco Bell has always done social media right, they know how to spark interest with their take on fast Mexican cuisine. Take for instance their successful attempt at combining community activism with beloved emojis to urge its creator, Unicode Consortium, to develop a taco emoji. Yea, that’s right.

Their recent marketing strategy employs a different concept, by poking fun at loyal McDonald’s customers and their everlasting relationship with the well-known egg McMuffin. The commercial is quirky, comedic and you can never go wrong with a touch of the Ramones. Mind you, I have never had Taco Bell, but I found myself completely engaged in this short film that depicts a breakfast practice I was participating in - I am also a loyal and weekly McCafé drinker (which I might add, puts Tim’s cup of Jo to shame).

What’s interesting about this fast food chain’s approach is it’s nothing new. The company borrows from a traditional tactic that has existed for decades. Companies have used rivalry as a way to de-fame their competition while promoting their goods, services and even breakfast burritos. This being said, as the billions of dollars roll in to advertising companies, are we simply losing a creative edge and continuing to borrow on past tactics just to get by?

Take a peek at the tv commercial and have a read on Adage’s site on how Taco Bell is urging loyal McD customers to break their breakfast dystopia:

Whose willing to switch their beloved egg McMuffin for a Tex-Mex take on a breakfast sandwich? Care to buy me one too?

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