The New Music Movement

The death of Grooveshark has migrated a large audience to a musical platform that is establishing yet another home for those with an everlasting love for beats. With a free three-month trial, Apple Music is doing its best to gain a large amount of followers - similar to the introduction of the iPod revolution - while giving Spotify a run for their money.

With access to the iTunes music library in the palm of my hand, as a Spinning instructor, Apple Music is pretty golden. With my membership, I’m able to search whatever song I may be craving to play in my class, even without a wireless connection.

The curated playlists are also pretty cool, as Apple uses a survey to figure out what kind of music and artists you dig. From there, you get recommended bands, albums, and even discover new tunes you can add to your growing “My Music” playlist.

Here in the shop, we mostly tune in to the nostalgia offered in the classic hip hop radio station. From Biggie to A Tribe Called Quest, the selection is bang on, and the ability to switch endlessly between tracks at the drop of a hat is an extra bonus.

I gotta say, Apple music has me hooked, and has provided one of the best music experiences I’ve had since my first MP3 player. Share, like, socialize with your favourite bands and artists, but most of all, check it out: