Happy Goat, Happy Bee

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The K-Cup sensation has done more than create a planet full of un-recyclable packaging, but also bitter, bad coffee to go with it.

Coffee can either be really good, or really bad. For Happy Goat, they know how to make a good cup of Jo. The roast masters can be found on Laurel Street in Ottawa, where you can either buy beans for home, or have a sit down in their cozy café to indulge in the rich aroma of a roasted brew.

Coffee is part of our day’s ritual, but can you really rush a good cup? Although the K-Cup offers convenience, what if you could heighten the experience by grinding, tamping and pulling the best damn brew at your disposal?

The thing with Happy Goat is they’ve got love and mucho respect for farmers in Asia, Africa, Central and South America who are producing great organic beans with their own distinctive taste for us Ottawans to brew and sip. The coffee company caters to fair trade practices while helping small farmers stay in business.

And catch this - you can order pounds of their highest quality, artisan coffee and have it delivered right to your door. Go ahead, grab yourself a subscription - you’ll be as impressed as we are: http://www.happygoatcoffee.com

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